My Customers, Website Development in Rugby.

Website Development

With a dedicated focus on optimising performance, enhancing user experience, and boosting online visibility. I do not use website builders such as WordPress, Wix and so on, making sure the site is lean and fast, giving you ultimate control over what you can offer your customers. My approach revolves around creating websites that not only look and feel appealing to your customers but also work well to help them or solve their problems. I enjoy working with smaller companies looking to increase their online presence with a focus on performance, usability, search engine optimisation (SEO) and taste. Here are a couple of websites that I’m currently involved with. Screenshot

A fairly complex website that allows Competitors Companion to provide links and tips to online competitions. This site allows users to create their own account to keep track of competitions they have entered, enter Competitors Companions own competitions, and take part in online games. Users can also pay to upgrade their account which allows them added benefits. Screenshot

Andy, a talented local artist and a good friend, wanted a website to showcase his art and sell original artwork. I set up a user-friendly website using AWS EC2 compute, Cloudflare CDN, and R2 storage. Andy now has an admin area that allows him to effortlessly update and add new artwork. Not only does the website feature a variety of artwork for sale, but it also offers both physical copies and downloadable PDFs of Andy's comics. The PDF version is exclusively available to those who make a purchase. To keep things fresh, the website checks Andy's YouTube channel daily for new videos, automatically adding them to the site. Andy can then log into the admin area to write articles for the videos and share accompanying photos.